Streaming Music: Yasunori Mitsuda's Kirite

I've been listening to Yasunori Mitsuda's Kirite album on so much that I thought it would be easier if I can just create a fake album that actually plays on this entry. That way, I don't have to go to their individual pages anymore.

Maybe I'll just grab it off from eBay.

Enjoy. It's a wonderful soundtrack to a novel. Mitsuda's the creater of Chrono Cross's soundtrack.

1. Is Kirite Burning?

2. Volfino City

3. Promise of the Wind - Where the Petals Are

4. Lapis Lazuli Forest

5. Blue Sky

6. Sneering Drawn Blade

7. Melody of the Moon

8. Encounter - Curtain of Darkness

9. Nocturne

10. Dying Autumn

11. The Snow's Howl

12. Trees of Prayer

13. The Name of Hope

14. Eternal Ring

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