Don't Just Complain, Do Something

The Electric New Paper - Don't just complain, please use your brain

Singaporeans complain because they are weak, powerless and lazy.

They are too lazy to take things into their own hands and take concrete actions to make things happen, often blaming external factors.

There are some things that are within control, and some not.

The noise coming from the lift upgrading opposite my block is driving me mad. It's probably going to stay for a few months. I can't leave the house because most of my work's done at home. That's where the noise cancelling earphones becomes useful.

I don't complain about ERP charges because I don't drive. It's a choice within my control.

The MRT trains' are too crowded for me to get a seat for my 45 minute commute to work, so I take the bus.

The sound from TVMobile is too loud it becomes noise. No problem, noise cancelling earphones to the rescue again.

See the pattern here? On my part, I was able to turn bad situations into not so bad ones.

The problem with complaining is that it's an activity that sucks energy out from people. People don't like to work with people who complain too much. That's too much negative energy.

People often complain with no goal in mind. They are not hoping to achieve anything out of their complaints. ERP charges too high, but can't stop driving anyway, complain away. That's not going to solve anything and will just make people more bitter. Sooner or later, one doesn't even realise why they are so bitter.

Stop complaining, do something already.

And stop draining the energy of your friend and colleagues. If you want to complain, do research first and provide an intellectual argument, instead of griping like small kid.