Day 2: Live in a Warner Brothers Movie Trailer

Family at Gold CoastThe sun rises mightily early at 4am in the morning. I took a short walk to the beach from Conrad Jupiters in the morning.

Gold Coast BeachThe beach is really clean and the sand really soft. So soft your feet actually sinks in walking on it.

Warner Brothers Movie World AustraliaWarner Brothers Movie World AustraliaWarner Brothers Movie World AustraliaNext up, we head to Warner Brothers Movie World. It's a pretty amazing fantasy theme park. The buildings were simply beautifully designed, crafted and built.

Be sure to watch Shrek 4D Adventure while you're there!

The queue for Superman Escape required a 45 minutes wait! Eventually we gave up and tried Lethal Weapon 4 ride instead. Haven't been on a roller coaster for a long time. My head was still spinning after the ride. For kids, there's a section in the park where the rides are a bit toned down.

The good thing about this park is, you pay one admission ticket and you don't have to pay anymore for the rides inside.

I saw Tweety Bird walking through the restaurant I was having lunch at.

Dracula's Haunted HouseWe then drove on to Dracula's Haunted House at Surfer's Paradise.

Dracula's Haunted HouseHere's the owner Don Jolly explaining that how the props in the scare house were made. They were all self designed and they look very professional.

The house has a few levels of horror floors that visitors must clear in order to come back out. Additionally, you can test your courage by opening the Dare doors.

Luci Devil Girl NodderThe journey ends back into the shop where you can then shop for interesting merchandise. We were told that Paris Hilton once visited the Haunted House.

Surfer's ParadiseDracula's Haunted House is just located in the shopping district of Surfer's Paradise. Walking around, I found out there where were a lot of shops selling beach front properties like condominiums. There are lots of shops and pubs here to entertain everyone.

View from Q1 residential towerBar on top of Q1 residential towerAfter that, we visited Q1, the highest residential tower in the world. The view up there is simply magnificent. Unlike the Empire State Building which was crowded like a bees' hive, the top of Q1 is incredible spacious.

There's a small cafe and bar at the top. Corporate functions can be held on the 78th floor for a price. First time visitors should probably make Q1 their first stop to get some orientation and marvel at how beautiful Gold Coast is.

Pepper BeefDinner's pepper beef at local favourite Ashmore Road Seafood and Steak. That's before we head off for the nature walk in search for glow worms.

Glow worm tour guideIt's a one hour drive up to the subtropical rainforest where the glow worm caves are. Guide Amalee and driver Shane provided the entertainment along the way.

Amalee is actually a descent of an abroginal group. She started giving tours only 3 months ago. She shown us some native tools, weapons and flag of the tribe and explained the tribe culture.

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