Fantagraphics BEASTS Art Exhibition & 2nd Anniversary Gala

Beasts! Book 2 is coming out. And Beasts! Book 1 is in the third reprint and is also coming out. This entry is more on the art exhibition for the two books!

Fantagraphics Books just held a Beasts! exhibition & 2nd Anniversary Gala on 13 Dec 2008. It sure looks like lots of fun from the pictures.

Somehow I managed to find out that they have a Flickr account. They do book previews like I do, and they flip pages too!! They have a Youtube account as well, where they post their event videos, in additional to their flipping-page videos.

Here are some photos from their event, which I found on Flickr.

And video.

There are more photos on their Flickr set.

You can also check out the list of books they have on their online bookstore.

Beasts! Book 1 (slightly cheaper) and Beasts! Book 2 are going to be available on Amazon soon as well. Meanwhile, you can read the reviews for Beasts! Book 1.