Yasunori Mitsuda's Kirite Has Arrived

Kirite - Yasunori Mitsuda

I've managed to locate Kirite at a reasonable price of US$20, with shipping, on eBay. Amazon was selling way to expensive and I've glad that they are out of stock.

Yasunori Mitsuda is the guy responsible for the ridiculously good Chrono Cross soundtrack as well as other game music.

This is a soundtrack for a story and some photographs. Read the Kirite entry on wikipedia.

The album has 14 songs. They contain celtic, jazz and vocals. The melody for some of the songs are really great. You can listen the album because someone uploaded the whole of it on Youtube. I was listening to that multiple times before hitting the Buy button on eBay.

Several songs from this and his other albums are adapted by Eminence Symphony Orchestra. Those are really good. If I could just get my hands on them.