Saving Time With RSS And Readers

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically, it gathers news feeds in the form of title and content. No ads or other unnecessary stuff that usually take up more space than the content itself.

RSS saves time by giving you all the headlines with short accompanying summaries. It's all the news in one page. RSS has been around for years and many websites have RSS links that you can bookmark.

Just look for the keywords "RSS" and "Feeds" on the web pages. Another way to tell if the page has RSS is to look at the address bar for a small icon on the right. Depending on the browser, it might look different or don't even have it. Below are how it would look on Firefox and Safari.

There are many RSS readers available on the Internet for free.

I'm using Google Reader because it loads from the website. That means I can use Google Reader anywhere where there's Internet. Also, I have a Google account.

There's nothing like keeping up with the news in seconds.