Day 3: Las Vegas, Can Dream Can Do

las vegas new york new york
Las Vegas is a fine example of "Can Dream Can Do". The Strip is literally an amusement park by itself. Whoever thought of making buildings into icons must be out of their mind. But they have done it.

I wonder if the Singapore's integrated resorts can come close, in terms of visual impact.

las vegas hooters
Hooters' (wiki) the closest to our motel. The girls inside are, well, ok. Let me put it this way, after you visit most of the casinos, they begin to look the same.

las vegas mgm grand lion
The lobby of MGM Grand had a gold lion staring out the front. The place leaked grandness.

mgm grand jackpot machines
mgm grand tables
mgm grand jackpot machines
I played a total of $2 in two minutes. Correction. I lost $2 in two minutes.

las vegas mgm grand lion
This is the lion habitat at MGM Grand that's open free to the public. Compared to the tiger at The Mirage, the lioness is a bit smaller.

las vegas billboard
New York New York's billboard. That's the miniature sized Brooklyn Bridge by the bottom.

las vegas food court
The food court we went yesterday.

coke blak
This is Coke Blak, with more caffeine. Cost US$2.75 if I remember correctly.

las vegas coca cola
Check out the long cups. You'll find lots of people of the streets holding them if they are not already holding beer bottles.

mcdonald arches
Yes, welcome to the fast food nation.

las vegas hummer
These vehicles are pretty huge.

las vegas bellagio
las vegas caesars palace
Bellagio and Caesars Palace in the afternoon. They are probably the hotels with the best architecture.

caesars palace show
There's a free performance by statues inside Caesars Palace. You've got to look for it, the place is big.

Christian Riese Lassen art
The art gallery of Christian Riese Lassen. Stunning display of artistic talent.

Christian Riese Lassen ferrari
Oh, there's a Ferrari parked in the gallery. In fact, you'll get to see a few Ferrari cars in Las Vegas. If you have the money, you can rent them or take a photo in them.

racing computer game
At Exotic Vehicles next door to the gallery, you can ride the most realistic simulator at US$20 for 5 minutes. Or bring home this baby at US$15995. But seriously, PS3 racing games are top notch too.

red ferrari
Like I said, you can take a photo with you inside the Ferrari for $20. If you want to look at pretty girls, Las Vegas is the place. There are higher concentration of pretty girls here than New York. It's also the best place to bring girls to. I mean, seriously, aren't they attracted to bright lights and all things glitter?

trojan house
A Trojan horse inside Caesars Palace. Walk under the legs to enter a large toy store.

giant moose soft toy
This species of soft moose can grow up to 2 metres in height.

smurfs keychain
Smurfs from China.

the wave surfboard
The sales personals in store goes around on The Wave (US$120). It's self propelled in a way, meaning you don't have to kick the ground like you do when skateboarding.

flamingos at Flamingo
Flamingos at Flamingo (wiki).

Flamingo las vegas
Flamingo casino
Flamingo Las Vegas is pink. Its casino is pink also.

Las Vegas Mirage
The Mirage is gold in colour.

Mirage Tiger
This is the tiger I'm talking about.

Las Vegas Treasure Island
Las Vegas Treasure Island
Treasure Island hotel. It has sidewalks made of wooden planks.

Fremont Street
Fremont Street Airbrush artist
Fremont Street Musician
Fremont Street Concert
Fremont Street Show
Fremont Street is the most happening street after The Strip, in Las Vegas, downtown. You'll get free performances, music, light shows and US$7.77 buffets!

Fremont Street Religious Man
Of course, your friendly religious man with the giant placard.

Fremont Street bus stop warning
With Singaporeans assaulting bus drivers. It's time to put up signs like this one at the bus stop.

Other photos from Day 3 can be found on my Las Vegas Flickr set.

Highlight of the day: Policeman on bicycle crashing into road pillar.
My mind went "Oh no! I just missed a shot! I just missed a shot!" when I saw the policeman sprawling on the ground. Note that in Las Vegas, there are plenty of policemen on patrol. They can be on foot, bicycle or on vehicles. Apparently there's an incident that requires police assistance. There's this policeman riding a bicycle across the street and hitting into the road pillar before hitting the ground. The couple in front of me couldn't hide their laughter and had to turn. Me? I had my camera just in my bag as I was heading back. Argh!

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